Current Students

Current Students

  • Academic Honor Code

    Detailed instructions about reporting a suspected infraction; appealing an alleged infraction; and sanctions for an infraction are outlined in the UCCS Academic Honor Code document. Questions about the academic honor code should be addressed to the Dean of Students, Main Hall, room 202, (719) 255-3258.

  • Degree Options

    Elementary Teaching Degree Plan, Secondary Teaching Degree Plan, Special Education Degree Plan, English Literature Degree Plan, Professional and Technical Writing Degree Plan, Rhetoric and Writing Degree Plan, and Online Catalog.

  • English Minors

    Click the link below to view the English Minors offered by the English Department 

    Please be sure to speak with an academic advisor in Main Hall, 2nd floor, to declare a minor. NOTE: All LAS minors require a minimum GPA of 2.0 or better to earn the minor.

  • Senior Assessment Requirement

    All English Majors are required to submit a Senior Assessment consisting of selected papers written in English classes taken at UCCS at the 2000-level or above. (Students choosing the PTW emphasis in English have a different Assessment requirement. The PTW assessment is completed in ENGL 4090, the Senior PTW Portfolio class. Please contact the Director of the PTW Program, Baye Herald, for details.) The English department is revising its senior assessment process. Instructions about how to complete the senior assessment for students graduating in December of 2018 will be posted here by mid-November of 2018.

  • Advisors

    All English Majors are assigned to an advisor. Please see the list below to determine your advisor this semester. We encourage you to meet with your advisor if you want help choosing your English courses, to get approval and the required signature for your English assessment, or just to talk about all things English!

  • Advising Sheets

    Advising Guides have been developed as a supplemental advising tool for students. Each link below will take you to a web page with undergraduate program advising guides for all undergraduate degree programs.

  • English Workshop

    You are invited to the 2018 English Department Spring Workshop. Featuring food, conversation, and a brief workshop about English Studies in our Department.

  • Career Information

    Except in the most technical professions, a candidate who is well read and who has a superior comprehension and writing skills is valued above others by employers. An English degree emphasizes one of the most positive advantages of a college education—the solid, adaptable communication skills that get you through university are attractive to potential employers.

  • Creative Writing Course Rotation

    View the Creative Writing Course Rotation offered by the English Department