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English Degrees & Programs

Studying English at UCCS involves reading, writing, analyzing, and discussing literature, which fosters skills such as communication, critical thinking, creativity, research abilities, cultural awareness, and empathy. These skills are essential for professional success and are valued by employers, making an English degree from UCCS a great investment.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Undergraduate Minors

First-Year Rhetoric & Writing Program

Rhetoric is a discipline that examines diverse forms of persuasion across genres, cultures, and historical moments. Rhetoric is also an art that enables people to communicate clearly and effectively in many different modes.

When you take the First Year Rhetoric & Writing Program (FYRWP) at UCCS, you’ll explore rhetorical and writing theories and processes. You’ll use what you learn to analyze and produce written, oral, visual, and digital texts. These courses will help you to strengthen your critical thinking and communicative skills, and they fulfill the core writing course requirements in UCCS's Compass Curriculum.

Writing Center

The Writing Center helps students work on any writing project. Our center is open for both in-person and online appointments. We are also a nice semi-quiet space to stretch out, study and get some free coffee and tea.