First-Year Rhetoric & Writing Program

First-Year Rhetoric & Writing Program

About the Program

The First-Year Rhetoric & Writing Program values student choice, contemporary and classical rhetoric, and faculty expertise.

Rhetoric is a discipline that examines diverse forms of persuasion across genres, cultures, and historical moments. Rhetoric is also an art that enables people to communicate clearly and effectively in many different modes.

When you take these courses at UCCS, you’ll explore rhetorical and writing theories and processes. You’ll use what you learn to analyze and produce written, oral, visual, and digital texts. These courses will help you to strengthen your critical thinking and communicative skills, and they fulfill the core writing course requirements in UCCS's Compass Curriculum.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Requirements

First Core Writing Requirement

UCCS students choose among three options for their first core writing course. Any of the options will fulfill the first core writing requirement for your degree, and all three options are designed for incoming college students.

The courses offer different amounts of built-in support and move at different paces.

ENGL 1410 Themes

English 1410 courses have a variety of themes. Click to read about each instructor’s theme.