First Core Writing Requirement

First-Year Rhetoric & Writing: First Core Writing Requirement

Learn about your choices for your first core writing requirement.

UCCS students choose among three options for their first core writing course. Watch this video to learn about your options:


Any of the options will fulfill the first core writing requirement for your degree, and all three options are designed for incoming college students.

The courses offer different amounts of built-in support and move at different paces. Take the Writing Placement Survey to get a personalized recommendation about which courses are a good fit for you. If you have questions about the courses, email

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All of the options are ways to complete your first writing requirement. Whether you choose ENGL 1310, ENGL 1308, or ENGL 1300 followed by ENGL 1305, you’ll learn and practice a rhetorical approach to reading and writing.

You can expect your first core writing course to be small (20 or fewer students), to work with technology throughout the course, and to have one-on-one attention from your instructor. You can read more details about the first core writing course on the Program Details page.

In your first core writing course, you’ll analyze texts written for diverse purposes and audiences. The courses all teach you to recognize texts’ rhetorical situation, to analyze arguments rhetorically, and to work within various writing processes. These rhetorical and process approaches will help you to develop your own critical thinking and academic writing abilities.

Contact the Director of the First-Year Rhetoric and Writing Program, Dr. Ann Amicucci, with any questions about the first core writing requirement.