Senior Assessment

Senior Assessment

Graduating Students

Congratulations on your achievements!

Before graduating, a senior assessment is required. Please see the instructions here which explain how to prepare and submit your senior portfolio.

You will soon see a new page appear in Canvas called the “English Department Senior Assessment.” You will submit your portfolio to this site. The Canvas page will include instructions for how to submit, a link to the required cover sheet, the deadline, and also a link to a survey about your experiences as an English major.

Please contact Phillip Haisley at with questions or concerns.

Senior Assessment FAQs

I passed ENGL 3010. Do I have to submit a Senior Assessment?
I transferred in many courses in my degree from other institutions. May I submit papers from those courses?
May I include papers written in courses offered by other UCCS Departments or Programs such as HUM, WEST, PHIL, HIST…?
My hard drive crashed and I am missing many papers.
I’m graduating in the following year or semester but feel ready to submit my assessment now. How can I do this without completing the senior audit?
When are Senior Assessments due?
I want to include a paper that is due on or before the deadline. What do I do?
It is the week of final exams/graduation and I missed the deadline. Help! I need to graduate. May I submit the Senior Assessment?
I never submitted my required Senior Assessment and now I do not have my diploma. Help!