Degree Overview

Overview of Degree Options in English

Emphases in English Studies

The Department of English at UCCS offers a Bachelor of Arts in English with distinct emphases:

Students must choose one of these emphases; all graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in “English Studies.” The emphases allow you to focus on studying within the sub-discipline that interests you most and/or that prepares you for your professional plans. Students who complete one of the education emphases will also need to contact the Teaching and Learning Department in the College of Education for advising about education coursework and licensure programs.

Creative Writing Minor

The English Department also offers a robust minor in Creative Writing that can be completed by students pursuing any major at UCCS (including one of the English emphases). You will explore writing in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry before choosing one genre to hone in upper-level, workshop-based courses.

Learning Goals in English Major & Minor Courses

The English major focuses on the development of a variety of skills, including the following:

  • Analyzing texts from a range of genres that represent various literary cultures, historical periods, and civic movements
  • Reading written, visual, and digital texts closely and critically
  • Composing writing that responds effectively to an array of rhetorical contexts, purposes, and audiences
  • Conducting scholarly research
  • Evaluating and synthesizing evidence

Faculty Expertise

Our faculty comprises experienced and engaged teachers who are professionally active and who publish research and/or creative work in their respective fields, including:

  • Rhetoric and Writing
  • British and American literature
  • The literatures of diversity and inclusion
  • Gender Studies
  • Critical Theory
  • Rhetoric and Writing Theory and Pedagogy
  • Eco-Criticism and Sustainability
  • Creative Writing
  • Digital Humanities