Placement FAQs

First-Year Rhetoric & Writing: Placement FAQs

Look here if you have a question about your placement into the First-Year Rhetoric & Writing Program.
What course do I need to take?
I took a writing course before I transferred to UCCS. Can I use it for one of my required writing courses at UCCS?
I’m a Junior or Senior, so do I still need to take the core writing classes—since they are “First-Year” courses?
Can I complete my first and second core writing requirements at the same time?
Can I test out of my First-Year Rhetoric and Writing requirements?
I took one of the courses listed under “second core writing requirement” and then changed my major. My new major degree plan lists a different course. Do I need to take the second core writing requirement listed for my new major?
What will I learn about in my first core writing course?
What is the difference between ENGL 1300, 1308, and 1310?
What will I learn in ENGL 1410?
What do I need to do to finish the writing portfolio?
Additional Questions