First-Year Rhetoric & Writing Program


  • Introduction and Outcomes

    General information about the First-Year Rhetoric & Writing Program and our learning outcomes.

  • First Core Writing Requirement

    Learn about your choices for your first core writing requirement.

  • Second Core Writing Requirement

    Learn which course you need for your second core writing requirement.

  • ENGL 1308 and 1310 Themes
  • ENGL 1410

    In ENGL 1410, you’ll learn a rhetorical approach to inquiry, research, and academic argument. In this class, you’ll analyze a variety of sources to understand a complex issue of your choosing related to the course theme.

  • English 1410 Themes

    English 1410 is a themed course. Learn about the exciting themes offered.

  • Program Design

    Learn about the rhetorical focus and signature elements of the UCCS First-Year Rhetoric and Writing Program.

  • Placement Information

    Information about which course you need to take and why.

  • Placement FAQs

    Look here if you have a question about your placement into the First-Year Rhetoric and Writing Program.