Selected Courses Descriptions Spring 2023  


Department of English

Descriptions of some of the English Department’s Spring 2023 Courses

ENGL2540: British Literature after 1900
ENGL2820: Introduction to Rhetoric & Writing Studies
ENGL2920: Exploring English Studies: Sustainability
ENGL3000: Critical Theory: Foundations & Practice
ENGL3010-001 & -002
ENGL3020: Topics in Advanced Rhetoric & Writing
ENGL3170: riverrun Literary & Arts Journa
ENGL3350: American Literature 1820-1900
ENGL3370: American Literature after 1945
ENGL3600: African American Literature
ENGL3900: Topics in Literature
ENGL4410: Topics in Contemporary Poetry Studies Seminar
ENGL4700: Seminar in Critical Theory
ENGL4810: Special Topics in Teaching Writing
ENGL4880: Topics in Public Rhetorics