Selected Courses Descriptions Fall 2022


Department of English

Descriptions of some of the English Department’s Fall 2022 Courses

ENGL 2510: Intro to Early British Literature
ENGL 2610: Literature: The Global Perspective II
ENGL 3000: Critical Theory: "Critical Keywords"
ENGL 3020: Topics in Advanced Rhetoric and Writing: Epistolary Correspondence
ENGL 3060: Special Topics in Creative Writing: Collaborative Poetry Writing
ENGL 3220: Gender, Writing, and the Environment: Speculative Fiction
ENGL 3320: US Writing in the World: "The Long Twenty-First Century"
ENGL 3410: Poetry for the People
ENGL 3610: Hip Hop Poetics
ENGL 4100: Advanced Fiction Writing
ENGL 4400: Genre Studies: Beyond Bollywood
ENGL 4500: Seminar in Medieval Literature: Vikings, Celts, and Early English Literature
ENGL 4830: Contemporary Approaches to Teaching Writing
ENGL 4890: Antidiscrimination Rhetorics