ENGL 1410 Themes

First-Year Rhetoric & Writing: ENGL 1410 Themes

English 1410 is a themed course. Learn about the exciting themes offered.

ENGL 1410 is a themed course. Each instructor selects a course theme, and all student research relates to the course theme in some way. This page lists and provides information about the themes taught by individual instructors.

You can look for an instructor’s name in the course schedule (in your student portal) while you are registering for courses. ENGL 1410 is primarily offered in Spring semesters, so there is a wider selection of teachers and themes offered in Spring. A small number of 1410 sections is offered each Fall and Summer semester. English 1410 Overview.

Contact the Director of the First-Year Rhetoric and Writing Program Dr. Ann Amicucci, aamicucc@uccs.edu, or the instructor with questions.

Gina Baldoni-Rus - The Dark Side of Immigration
Michelle Brown - Cash Rules: The Rhetoric of Money, Cost, and Value
Michael Ferguson - Rhetoric of Exclusion
Sheldon Gaskell - Artificial Intelligence
Catherine Grandorff - Artful Questions: Inspired Research
Phillip Haisley - Wellness: Writing in the Health Sciences
Keri Hemenway - American Food Culture
Cody Kaser - Films as Shapers of Culture
Chelsea Lawson - Crime and Punishment
Chris Martin - Public Sounds, Sounding Publics
Omar Montoya - Sports Rhetoric
Nathan Price - Propaganda
Leslie Rapparlie - Humor and Comedy
Christine Robinson Coon - Beasts of Mind: The Sociopolitics of (De)Humanization and Animalization
Kristen Robinson - Mental Health Matters! A Research Initiative
Kacey Ross - Playing Life: The Role of Games
Martin Salgado - American Music: Listening Our way to Culture and Identity
Adrian Shaw - Metaphor and ________
Nate Siebert - A Rhetoric of Walking
Andrea Wenker - Within and Beyond ‘Normal’: Inclusive Health and Wellness
DeLyn Winters - Exploring Local History -and- Veterans Programs and Resources