Career Information


Career Information

General Information:

Except in the most technical professions, a candidate who is well read and who has a superior comprehension and writing skills is valued above others by employers. An English degree emphasizes one of the most positive advantages of a college education—the solid, adaptable communication skills that get you through university are attractive to potential employers. English majors help maintain high standards of accuracy, clarity, and cogency of the language used in any workplace he/she enters. An English degree isn’t ‘job training’, but an education in the English language and what’s been created from it. Your college degree will help you build important research and critical thinking skills. You’ll learn to discern what is important and synthesize that information for the use of others. Bachelor of Arts options offered at UCCS are:

  • Elementary / Special Education
  • English Literature
  • Rhetoric and Writing
  • Secondary Education

Career Possibilities:

  • Advertising / Copy Writer
  • Public Relations
  • *Teaching / Writing Teacher
  • Novelists / Creative Writer / Biographer
  • *Grant Writer / Policy Writer
  • Editor
  • *Librarian
  • Technical Writer
  • Journalist / Reporter
  • Publisher
  • Web Content Manager
  • lawyer
  • Non-Profit Leader
  • Community Organizer

*May require additional education or certification

Colorado Statistics:

  • 2016 Annual median salary for librarians is $62,600; employment is expected to grow 18% by 2024.
  • 2016 Annual median salary for Creative Writer is $66,790; employment is expected to grow 16% by 2024.
  • 2016 Annual median salary for Technical Writer is $72,020; employment is expected to grow 26% by 2024.

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