Creative Writing Minor

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Minor

The creative writing minor, as part of the English Department, is a rigorous immersion in the craft of literature and will assist those who wish to pursue careers in writing, editing and publishing; those who wish to teach creative writing; those who wish to study literature from the vantage point of the writer; and those who wish to augment their academic study with an emphasis on creative writing. The minor sharpens students’ writing and editing skills; introduces them to various genres; and helps them to understand the nature, process, and publication of creative writing. Additionally, the creative writing minor provides opportunities for participants to hone analytic, presentational, cognitive, and creative skills related to reading, writing, analyzing, and presenting written texts.

  • Creative Writing Minor Course Plan

    Course and credit hour requirements for the Creative Writing Minor.

  • Course Rotation

    Schedule of regularly-offered Creative Writing courses.

  • Events

    Readings, workshops, and other Creative Writing and English Department events.