ENGL 1410

First-Year Rhetoric & Writing: ENGL 1410

In ENGL 1410, you’ll learn a rhetorical approach to inquiry, research, and academic argument.

In this class, you’ll analyze a variety of sources to understand a complex issue of your choosing related to the course theme.

You can expect your ENGL 1410 class to be small (20 or fewer students), to work with technology throughout the course, to learn to efficiently use library resources, and to have one-on-one attention from your instructor.

You’ll spend most of the semester exploring the topic of your research, selecting and evaluating source material, and crafting your own well-reasoned argument. You’ll use a rhetorical methodology called stasis theory to research your topic and develop a thoughtful, academic argument about it.

Contact the Director of the First-Year Rhetoric and Writing Program, Dr. Ann Amicucci, with any questions about ENGL 1410.